No, I will not sacrifice my older family members for capitalism

There’s nothing pro-life about telling people to die to save the economy.

Our country and the world over are living in perilous times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking a heavy toll on our everyday lives, health, jobs, and economy. During this dark time, people’s fears have risen. People are feeling hopeless, restless, and are depressed. People are growing aggravated, wondering how long the outbreak will last. How heavy the impact will be on our economy? Most of all, people (at least some) are worried about becoming sick and are worried about a family member becoming infected with the virus. And sadly, people have had to bury family members that have died from complications with the virus.

Still, in light of all the disparity, there have been positive, pure moments — like Italians singing and playing music from their baloney. Retired NIH workers coming out of retirement. The company DoorDash partnering with celebrities to pay for food, diapers, medicine, etc. People, from the mega-rich to the middle class are donating funds for food banks that provide for low-income children and veterans. DJ D-Nice and other artists have live-streamed jam sessions from their homes. People are checking in on their neighbors, especially looking into the well-being of elders and the disabled.

Unfortunately, not everyone is focused on getting through this pandemic together.

At the beginning of learning about the virus, President Trump claimed it was a hoax concocted by Democrats to derail his election campaign. Fox News host, Sean Hannity is promoting false cures. Trump chastised reporters for asking legitimate questions about the virus’s impact on society and citizens. There’s been talk that COVID19 is no different than the flu. Others claim it was a bioweapon created by the Chinese government to kill Americans.

In the midst of the conspiracies and denials:

Spring breakers still headed to the Florida beaches; people kept their hiking plans in Arizona; and people still went to Washington, D.C. to see the cherry blossoms. In my own family, members went to casinos in Atlantic City and kept clubbing and bars.

As people ignored the advice from local government, doctors, and scientists, not surprisingly, the numbers increased from 46 deaths to a little over 800 deaths, to date. From celebrities to the everyday man, people are falling prey to COVID19 — and it’s people of all stripes: no matter your race, gender, sex, and religion, the virus does not discriminate. In America alone, there are currently 61, 081 reported cases of people that have tested positive.

Now that reality and fear are setting in, people have swung 180 degrees in the opposite direction (still not Fox News, except Tucker Carlson). People are panicking as they learn of the low stock in ventilators and masks needed to protect the sick and healthcare workers. And from this panic has risen heartlessness.

While on Fox News, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) told host Tucker Carlson that elders should willingly sacrifice their own lives so that we don’t impact the country’s economy.

“Don’t sacrifice the country,” Patrick said. “Don’t do that.”

“You know, Tucker, no one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’” Patrick said. “And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in.”

“That doesn’t make me noble or brave or anything like that,” he added. “I just think there are lots of grandparents out there in this country like me.”

Lt. Gov Dan Patrick is pro-life. I’m wonder, what is pro-life about telling people of a certain age that they are no longer worthy of living? As a pro-life person, this stance is appalling. Forgive me for believing that being pro-life means defending and protecting the unborn and the born.

CNN host of Unfiltered S.E. Cupp tweeted:

It will be REAL hard for Trump Republicans, who are now suggesting we risk 2.5% of the population — or 8+ million people — so we can prematurely reopen the economy, to make the pro-life case after this.

Cupp later followed up:

There is no excusable way to put these two things together: “Every life matters,” and “but…”

CNN reporter Haley Byrd tweeted:

The argument that the elderly and weak may just have to die to enrich the young and strong — painted as some sort of sacrifice, rather than a horrific outcome that we should fight against — is so bleak and hopeless. Lord, change hearts. Lord, protect the weak.

Co-host of The Hill’s RISING, Krystal Ball issued a snide remark:

“Mommy, what happened to Grandma?” “Well Timmy, she died so that the S&P 500 wouldn’t fall below its 90 day moving average.”

Then there’s conservative charlatan Glenn Beck, offering to die to save capitalism, and he thinks others should join him. That’s right folks, Beck thinks we should end our social distancing and self-quarantine, and get back to the office. Yes, let’s heed the advice of man that is neither doctor nor scientist — because saving America is better than saving ourselves, family, and friends. That’s one heck of pro-life message if ever I heard one.

Honestly, what is in the minds of people like Lt Gov Patrick, Beck, and the president? Our president now wants to end the quarantines and social distancing by Easter (April 12th) despite no sign-off from the experts that this is a wise thing to do. Is the economy truly more important than the lives of Americans? Is it so hard to vision putting health and people first, over corporate profits?

I for one am unwilling to sacrifice my great aunt and uncle who are in their eighties for the gains of capitalism. My Aunt Dorothy is a gem, I will cherish her until the end of days. My Uncle Bobby is a lovely person, and I will too cherish him until the end of days. And when I say the end of the days, I mean when God calls them home, not the government.

Photo credit: “Influenza virus” by Sanofi Pasteur is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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